Truth and Lies (and how I survive)

Insightful and helps to know others who feel like this and that we’re not alone.

A Wise Woman Writes

I hear a lot of advice from people about how the key to health is to stay positive and count your blessings. You can choose to be sad or choose to be happy. You can choose to dwell on your pain or choose to focus on your abilities. Maybe, but walk in my shoes and then I’ll check back in and see how that’s working out for you. I hate all those clichés indicating that the answer to mental and physical illness can be found within something as simple as a shift in thinking. Lies.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but guess what? I didn’t choose to be mentally ill. Nor did I choose to be chronically ill. I can say all the daily affirmations and write down everything I have to be grateful for, and I am still sad, scared and in pain. Truth.

There is a…

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