#79 Disheartened – ‘Bad At My Job’

As always, Mindfump, you’re funny in the middle of seriousness. Thanks for sharing.


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I‘ve been bad at a lot of jobs. There was the first time my Mum asked me to put the bins out for instance. Being a rather young chap with no experience or qualifications for the role, I literally went to where the bins were and took out the bin bags one by one. My mum woke up the next morning to find about 12 plastic bags of rubbish all over the garden. So it is fair to say I started young in my mis-adventures of bad jobness (and bad spellingness).

It didn’t necessarily improve as I got older either. Recently I talked about rushing to a job interview when my car suddenly broke down, despite that, I did in fact get that job. Congratulations! You get to do 12 hour nightshifts at a local factory – but not…

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