Don’t let someone rain on your parade!

A new-found wealth of wisdom. Just had to share some of her great posts. MissPurpleheart  Enjoy! I sure did! ~ Sharon
shine bright
There are a lot of them in the world…the ignorant i mean…they are usually full of drama and negativity and maybe envy…and sometimes we even find them among our “friends”…
dimming your light
If its your friend, you may find yourself trying to dim our shine because you don’t want them to feel bad…or maybe its not a friend, its just some person at school or work that picks on you and makes you feel like you don’t deserve what you have, listen to me…don’t let them get to you!
strong people
Never let someone rain on your parade just because things in their lives aren’t as they want them to be, …instead, use the bright light shining inside of you, that positive energy, to brighten their dark world.
umbrella of positivity
Be humble and cool headed in everything you do, keep positive thoughts, think before speaking and be very modest in your actions…there will always be those ones that will think negatively and say you’re “over-doing” and may try to mock you and dampen your spirits…yea! that’s just the way life is…but always keep in mind your goals in life, keep in mind where you want to be and the kind of person you want to be…and believe me, all their drama won’t even move a hair on your skin.
dont let someon dim your light.jpg
Try and surround yourself with positive people…people who will meet you where you are rather than bring you down, people that will motivate you to reach higher heights…people who are full of life! It is very refreshing trust me.
refuse to lower your standards.jpg
never dim my glow

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