The Dark Side Of Chronic Illness/Pain

I know so many need to read, and hear, this message today. I am one of those. It IS hard, every day! We must reach out to each other with an unconditional love and acceptance. That is the key for me. Thank you for sharing. I’m reblogging on my own new site Living on the Borderline in Bipolarville Please come and join my site and share your incredible insights. What we say in encouragement to each other may “save a life”. Sharon

ShitHappens 2 U

  • Waiting to see the light, been waiting all my life.
  • Show me the way, won’t you show me a way.
  • I wanna come out of the dark, but breaking away is so hard.
  • Show me a way, just show me a way.
  • Show me which way to go, can’t do this by myself.
  • Can’t do it, don’t know how I should play.
  • The cards that I’ve been dealt, can’t do it.
  • Is anybody listening? Can anybody answer my prayers?
  • Please say yes.
  • Does anybody feel the same?
  • And is there anybody who cares?
  • Life’s unfair, it’s so unfair

Tuesday September 13, 2016 we lost a Crohn’s warrior, Alison Saren. For the past month, I have been trying to find the words to write. My emotions bounced between sadness, frustration, then back to sadness. Alison, like so many other warriors, reached wits end in this fight with chronic illness and pain…

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